Author Topic: Connecting Pasts and People Panel  (Read 4156 times)


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Connecting Pasts and People Panel
« on: April 02, 2022, 10:57:06 PM »
The last panel of this year's Coding Medieval Worlds, on connections between history, developers, and gamers in the present day, which was really enjoyable and for which I felt really privileged to have such a good diversity of perspectives available. This is one of the panels that I think suffers the most from the fact I didn't get permissions for sharing non-panellists' bits of the discussion, because the rest of the discussion after these opening segments was SO rich and very worthwhile. I might see if I can track down the questioners to get permissions sometime when I have the energy for it but right now I'm just a bit too exhausted I think. Further discussion on the topics very welcome below!

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