Author Topic: CMW4: Outcasts and Monsters  (Read 4729 times)


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CMW4: Outcasts and Monsters
« on: October 03, 2023, 11:48:07 AM »
So, after CMW3 Outcasts and Monsters was the clear vote preference of the audience for what we do as CMW4. So here's an early planning-thoughts thread. Shout if you have ideas for speakers, things to do, other cool thoughts, etc.

Possible spins on the theme:
  • The problems of medieval evidence for outcast/marginalised peoples: how do we represent people who we know are under-represented in sources?
  • Marginalisation in the middle ages more generally - what it meant to be an exile or outlaw, or indeed a woman, a minority community, etc
  • What makes a monster medieval, both in our eyes and in what monsters medieval people themselves were fascinated by?
  • Do we have ways of encoding/game-ruling some of these statuses, and what do those look like?
  • How does the modern more monster-sympathetic trend in games play into these considerations?
  • Are there bits of medieval monster inspiration that remain under-used and under-utilised?

Tentatively CMW4 will be the 16-18 February 2024.
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