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Started by Jubal, July 16, 2010, 12:57:53 PM

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Welcome to Exilian Software! This is essentially the "consumer" thread, where there'll be a list of all our different creations thus far with brief descriptions and links, sorted by functions. Game Software is of course going to be in Exilian Games instead. All the software here is free for use, most of it will be open source as well. Please do not steal other people's work without giving them due credit, and certainly please don't attempt to sell our work for profit. Many thanks!

Mathematics, Statistics, and Calculation
Simple Calculator
A calculator program writtenin C++ by Private Clark.
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jubal - doen't this need updating soon? you could add your upcoming text-based rpg...


I agree with hazza. Half the threads in this forum need an update. I think I'll do my share tommorrow, since i'm too tired to think of anything useful to say.

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