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A Workshop for Historians and Game Devs, 18-20 February, 2022

Coding Medieval Worlds 2 happened in February 2022. This workshop had as its theme Networks and Connections, which we approached from a number of angles, including global networks and the presentation of medieval cultures in games, social networks and how medieval and game people connect together, and 'meta' networks around the industry and academia and how games could help connect the public and historians. Our major discussion groups focused on trade & cultural connection, representations & diversity in medievalisms, texts and sources as a connection vector, and meta-connectivity with industry and academia. The keynote talks focused on representing medieval conectivity in Crusader Kings III, and trade connectivity in the boardgame FORVM which encoded some historians' research directly into game format: our two panels focused respectively on global connectivity and a more varied idea of the medieval, and on how streaming, game journalism, and game development can all interact with history and historians.

The lead organiser for this workshop was James Baillie: the partner organisations were Exilian and the University of Vienna Digital Humanities group.

Find out more details about the event below.

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