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Computer Game Development - The Indie Alley / Breakout!
« on: February 23, 2011, 05:07:09 AM »
Current Version: alpha 4!
(title subject to change)

Updated screenshots will be added soon.

Hey guys,
I've run out of stuff to add to my minesweeper game (besides more boards but that is pretty boring) SO: Im making a new game with game maker based on breakout, the theme is generaly futuristic neon etc and itl have a nice geometry wars distortion effect. There isnt much of a game just yet, just the paddle and the ball bouncing around but why dont you guys give me some feedback.

hopefully this game will be much more technically impressive than minesweeper since i've learned a lot from my last game.

left-right move the paddle
click with the mouse to deform grid (this is just a preview to showcase the effect, it will be implemented differently in the final game)
Hit the bricks, hitting the bricks gives 5 points, destroying a brick (3 hits) gives 20 points
space to pause the game
esc quits the game

Cheats (I use these for testing purposes only - They will be removed/edited as I see fit ;)


-TheSnidr's distortion engine

Rename the tmp file to exe, this is just because exilian does not allow me to upload exe files.


Computer Game Development - The Indie Alley / Fan Minesweeper Game [BETA]
« on: January 01, 2011, 07:41:32 AM »
Current Version: 0.3 BETA


So i thought I'd update you guys on my latest pet project.
I've discovered minesweeper during classes this year and am really addicted so i decided to make my own minesweeper game with Game Maker 8 for fun. Almost all the art is original (some of the icons arent) and it is still very limited but it think its pretty good so far.

Some Limitations
-the boards arent randomly created, I hand made every board and hopefully and eventualy there will be enough per difficulty so that it appears that you dont get the same board again... this is because i dont know how to generate a new board and i dont want to bite off more than i can chew
-there are no stats, idk how to do that yet
-exe file is zipped because i cannot upload an exe file. the game is a standalone file.

PLEASE NOTE: Savegame are not compatible with newer versions of the game, any new features since the game was saved will be missing, this is how Game Maker's save system works.

What's New?
-Start of Medium levels (5 New Levels!)
-New Easy Levels (5 New Levels!)
-New about screen/help screen
-To Prevent any bugs, savegames are now incompatible with previous versions
-Empty tiles open up by themselves now!

Due to lack of interest I am no longer updating Minesweeper and instead will be focusing on a new game: Breakout! also in this forum. Feel free to download the gmk and use/continue the game in any way you see fit as long as original credit is given.

Please report any bugs in the thread, if there is a mistake on the board(ex: the number indicating how many mines it is touching is wrong) please take a screenshot of the board in question and I will fix it as soon as possible.


Non-game Programs - The Tinkers' Workshop / A Simple Calculator
« on: July 16, 2010, 04:59:02 AM »
so i know ive been gone a long time mostly because i dont play rtw or mod anymore. I have on the other hand tried my hand at programming, c++ to be exact and have made a couple of simple programs already. Everything is in the console so dont expect anything fancy, also everything was written by hand, every little character is my work :).

This is the first project which i feel is useful enough to post. Its a calculator that runs from the console, it does:
-Unit conversions (the more common units, temperature, weight, and distance)

it also remembers the answer from your last operation and automatically uses that in the next operation. Anyways, im not expecting it to change your lives but give it a download, its only 31kb, and if ever you find yourself on a rainy day trying to figure out stupid math and happen to use my program contact you about some sort of monetary arrangement.

So, without further ado:

download the ZIP! the cpp file is the source code, all you really need is the exe.

enjoy, or not.

Update: Thanks to Marcus's fix, the calculator should now work with windows and linux.


Questions and Suggestions - The High Court / Confused by icons...
« on: March 08, 2009, 05:45:03 PM »
I've been very confused by the new icons infront of threads lately, the orange and and grey folder icons for forums are fine but once you enter the forum, its very hard to distinguish between which topics have new posts and which don't, could someone clarify please?

Announcements! The Town Crier! / New Emotes
« on: February 05, 2009, 04:15:04 AM »
Here are all the new emotes for Exilian taken from that website, theyl be only for a bit and if it gets the required votes they can either replace the blue ones or just stay along for the ride :)

 (A)  :cloud:  :banhammer:  :D [old]  8-|  B) [old]  <_<  :ermm: [old]  -_- [old]  :blink: [old]  :lol:  :@  ._.  :omg:  8-)  :( [old]  :) [old]  :knight:  :ninja:  :cyclops:  :ball:  :'( [old]  :P [old]  :unsure: [old]  ;) [old]

and for me only :P :


EDIT: That white stuff around it looks very wierd...

Computer Game Development - The Indie Alley / Star Wars Gold Squadron
« on: January 04, 2009, 08:24:39 PM »
Well, i made this like 2 years ago for SWGBHG and it was met with some pretty good success, thought i might as well post it here, so here goes:

(BTW, is it possible to get a center fonction at Exilian, and maybe a whisper fonction? PS, HTML doesnt seem to be working...)

By Private Clark & Appo 117

This game is a scrolling shooter game were you control a prototype X-wing and must take on the hordes of Imperial Tie Fighters to survive. The player starts with 3 lives and one blaster capability, but as you get farther, the number of missiles you will be able to shoot will change. Starting with one blaster capability, at 400 points, the starship now shoots 2 lasers and at 1000 it shoots 3!There is a Proton Torpedo, courtesy of Appo 117, it homes in on the enemy ships and gives bonus points for every kill. Every time the player dies, your proton torpedo are replenished, also, at times, a green rebel insignia will appear, if you grab it (Bring your Ship over it) it will give you one extra Proton Torpedo. Harness the power of Gold Leader and his squadron to claim he day and bring an end to the Imperial Dictatorship!

Critical Acclaim
"Wow!, great job Clark!"

"Awesome! Great Idea, great Job, I hope you will make more!"

"Good Job! You used GameMaker right?"
-Metallica Freak

"Cool Stuff"

"Awesome, Death Star trench run > All"

"This is the type of game experienced, payed, game designers sell to arcades. This version I would consider perfect. My siblings also found it very fun. This game rocked! I really liked the new missile targeting thing, how did you do that? I also liked everything else, the training droid, the trees exploding, it was excellent! You should submit it to a game contest!"
-Jangos Legacy

are in game...

Based on game by Mark Overmars
Adapted & Programmed by Private Clark
Programming Help: Appo 117
Bitmap & Installation Help: $Disasterpiece
Death Star Level Background: Scorch 062
Beta Testers:

Appo 117
Scorch 062

Download Center
Stand Alone Installation:  
Editable Gm6 Files:Other Utilities:Anyways, i dont have anymore of the files so i won't be providing any technical support if there are bugs, there was also a screenshot section but all the links are broken so...enjoy :D                                                       Oh, and 4.1 is the latest version, SWGS2 was never completed due to Appo and Jangos Legacy losing interest and joining a different game team...he he.

Bethesda Entertainment / No Warez, Cracks, Keygens...
« on: December 09, 2008, 02:34:51 AM »
This is a warning that discussion, and/or requesting illegal programs including Warez, Cracks, Keygens, or even whole programs (basically all forms of software piracy) is forbidden.

Any violation of this rule will lead to administrative action, most probably a ban.

Thank you for your co-operation, for further information regarding forum rules please refer to our Terms of Service (ToS)

The Admin Team

Announcements! The Town Crier! / Barrack Obama 44th President of America!
« on: November 05, 2008, 05:30:34 AM »
Obama has won the presidential elections by a landslide! Voice your joy, disappointment or neutral comment here!

Announcements! The Town Crier! / Member Signatures
« on: October 08, 2008, 02:29:56 AM »
Want to show support for Exilian? Put this in your signature here and at any other forum.

Quote from: "Exilian Member"


Mount and Blade Discussion - Sargoth Town Square / Best Banner?
« on: September 27, 2008, 07:55:17 PM »
Post your favorite banner, mines are as follows:

General Chatter - The Boozer / Family Guy. You watch it?
« on: September 27, 2008, 07:49:05 PM »
As the title says, i love watching family guy and was wondering if anybody here watched it. Im not sure it runs in the UK though.

General Chatter - The Boozer / Firefox 3
« on: August 29, 2008, 07:19:19 PM »
Anybody else have it? Is it just me or ever since firefox 3 scrolling up and down pages has been very laggy, anybody know a fix?

Game Guides and Tutorials / SubRosa's Guide to Making an AAR
« on: August 20, 2008, 07:08:49 PM »

Planning on doing an AAR? Read this and hopefully you will avoid many of the pitfalls that cause many AARs from ever being finished.

Just want to take some screenshots and put them in the forums? Well look down to "So how do I put pictures in it?" and you will find all you need to know to get your pics where everyone can see them.

 What is an AAR?
First of all, AAR stands for "After Action Report". It can document a single battle in either single or multiplayer, a series of battles, or even an entire singleplayer campaign.
How long does it take?
An AAR takes a lot of time. Not so much to play it, but to organize pictures afterward, upload them, generate code, and make a write-up on the forums. I usually spend about an hour for doing every write-up of my own. Although I tend to make large ones too... So be prepared to expend a great many cycles on this project.
Save your game!
Most importantly, finishing a singleplayer campaign AAR depends on you having savegames. The #1 reason most AARs fail is because someone was playing off only one savegame, and accidentally overwrote it or found it was corrupted. Poof, there goes their AAR. Never rely solely upon one save!

When you first start your game make a regular save. I suggest with the name of the faction and then the number 1. Then every time you end a session to make an update online, make another save, incrementing the number. So you will have Brutii01, Brutii02, and so on. This way if something does go wrong, you can go back to your most recent regular save and start playing again from the point you left off in your AAR.
How much do you write?
How much information should you include in your AAR is a matter of personal taste (and how much time you want to spend at it). Some people might record every battle, but this can become tedious in a long campaign. Often battles with rebels are left out, or only noted as a victory or defeat and moving on. Likewise many people leave out small skirmishes with other major factions as well.
How do I write it?
What kind of voice you should use is another thing to consider. Some people like to present their AARs in character, as if they were the leader of the faction or perhaps their historian. I tried my hand at this during the Swap game we had here over last summer, and while it was very enjoyable, it also made doing it the write-ups more time-consuming as well.

There is also a variation in this known as an HSR (or Historic Story Report), where the writer takes the character of a modern historian looking back and documenting it all for a book. For some examples of this look here and  here.

Most people tend to write in their own voice however, which also grants the added ease of not having to slip into and out of character when answering comments by readers.

Another rare and unique method is to use Comcast's Photoshow, which allows you to create a video slideshow. See an example of that here.
So how do I put pictures in it?
AARs often come with pictures to illustrate the action, although this is not absolutely necessary. However, I do highly recommend them, as pages and pages of text looks overwhelming and can intimidate people from reading it. Even a few strategically placed pictures will break that by adding pauses in the text that divides it into clear sections. That aside, there is the old saying:  "a picture is worth a thousand words", which is quite true.  

The way to take a screen shot is simply to press the Print Screen (or Print Scrn) button on your keyboard. The picture will be saved to your RTW\Tgas folder. They will be saved as .tga files. However, be warned that if you have Anti-Aliasing turned on in your Video Settings then the pictures will come out all black.

A rather tedious way to take screen shots is take a single picture in the game, then press Alt + Tab on your keyboard to switch from the game to the Windows desktop. You see whenever you press Print Screen Windows saves a copy of the image on your screen to its clipboard. You can then open a graphics editor and paste the image into it, then save it to your drive. Afterward you can then go back to the game.

I recommend using either Fraps or Game Cam to take your screen shots with. They will not come out black that way, and you will not be constantly going back and forth to your desktop. These programs will not save their pictures to your RTW/TGA folder, but rather to a folder you specify. Keep in mind that RTW will still be taking its own pictures too, so you will want to go to that folder and clear them out occasionally to save your hard drive.

However you take your pictures, afterward you will want to convert them to .jpg files. You can use a graphics editor program to do this. MS Paint comes with Windows and can do this if you open and save each picture individually as a .jpg file. Irfanview is a better program that is free to download. To make things easy, Irfanview has a batch conversion feature that will covert pictures from one format to another in bulk, which is very handy if you are using the free version of Fraps (which only allows you to save your pics as .bmps).

Then you will want to upload them to an image hosting site such as Photobucket or Imageshack. After uploading them, either site will give you the bb code you can use to copy and paste into the forums. As well as the standard image code, both sites will also give you the option of generating a code that will allow you to post thumbnails that link to the full sized picture. This is generally the preferred method of posting pictures, as the Forums will not display images of a large size (roughly 70-80k+).

Photobucket has a bulk uploader which makes uploading files convenient. However, before you use it take note that by default Photobucket will have your account set to a max image size of 1024 x 768. It actually resizes your files smaller than that if you upload at that setting (you will note they are 1010 x 758 afterward, and they will look fuzzy). To fix that look where it says "Reduce To" (above the link to the Bulk Uploader) and gives you a drop down box, make sure it is set to at least 1 Megabyte if not higher.

To make Photobucket automatically generate thumbnails do the following: Select the images you want, then go down to the bottom of the Photobucket page and click on the "Generate HTML and IMG Code" button. That brings up a new window with several panes within it. In the center is "IMG clickable thumbnails for message boards - recommended" Just copy the code from there and paste it on the forum. Simply clicking once in the field should automatically select the entire thing.

If you do all this and your pictures are not displaying on the forums correctly, but instead are showing a little broken box instead, it is probably because the filenames are too long. Shorten it to something simple such as Briton01 and it will display properly.

You will also find more on taking screen shots  here
So what is the easy way to make this write-up?

If you have to convert your pictures from .bmp or .tga to .jpg then first open Windows Explorer to the folder your pics are in. Then open Irfanview and do your batch conversion. Now go back to Explorer. You will see all your original files at the top of the page, and all the converted ones at the bottom. You can then easily select the old ones and delete them. If you do not do this you will find the new and old ones mixed together, which can make deleting the old ones tedious.

Then go through your pictures and decide which ones to keep and which to discard. Rename the ones you want to keep with the name of the faction and a number. Increase the number every picture. For example, Carthage001, Carthage002, etc... To make this easy you can copy most of the filename and paste it into the name of the next pic, then change the number at the end.

Next tip, when uploading your pics to Photobucket create a new folder dedicated just for your AAR. Then set your album settings to display pictures alphabetically. Then when you generate the code for thumbnails your pictures will be in chronological order.

Paste that into your post, then go down the list and make two spaces between each line of code. Now go to Irfanview and bring up its thumbnail viewer. Use it to look at each picture on your drive before you write about it on the forum. It is quicker than trying to do it online.

When you are finished and have made your post, go back and re-read what you have written. Look for spelling and grammar errors (my first drafts are always bad when it comes to these), and also check be sure your pictures are working (and are the correct ones!).
How Do I Put A Link To My AAR In My Signature?

Go to the first page of your AAR and copy the url from your browswer's address bar. Then go to your Account Options and edit your Signature. Start a new line and put in the following BBCode: name Address is the url of your AAR, and name is the name of it.

Original Tutorial by SubRosa of Heavengames, all credit goes to her, you can find the original thread below.

Original HeavenGames Thread

The Great Baths - RTW Discussion / Official Exilian RTW Swap
« on: August 19, 2008, 08:27:45 PM »

In an effort to get more activity here at Exilian and in the RTW forum i'm re-starting a swap. Hopefully we can get a swap going 24/7 here like at Heavengames. This swap will be using Vanilla Rome : Total War so that more people volunteer. Voting for which faction to play is up, the faction with the most votes will be played. Depending on the amount of players we will either play a long campaign or a short campaign. Each player will have the save for 3 days or 15 turns.

Signup by posting your username and e-mail in bold.

  • CN2
  • Private Clark
  • Stormcloud
  • Andalus
  • Stormer
  • Jubal - Passes on Tuesday
Don't Know what an AAR is?
If you are new to AAR's you can read SubRosa's guide  for a thorough description of how to create AARs here.

Don't Know what a RTW Swap is?
A RTW Swap Game is a forum game that consists in members taking turns with a RTW save file, once their turn is up, they then e-mail it to the host (in this case me) who will forward that e-mail to the next player in line. This way Several people get to play parts of a campaign and we are forced to tkae into account the actions of others.

Finished/Dead Mafias and RPGs / Official Exilian Mafia Game - Completed
« on: August 04, 2008, 02:12:31 AM »
First Official Exilian Mafia Game -- COMPLETED

The game will be using a modified F11 setup with 6 or 7 players depending if i can convince Marcus to join.

Mafia Players

1- Stormcloud -
2- SOTK -
3- Jubal - PM
4- Comrade_General -
5- Vile Shrubo -
6- CN2 -
7- Andalus -

Bold means the player is dead
Italic means the player has confirmed

Procedures/Rules - Shamelessly ripped from Marcus ;)                                                         

If you break one of these rules, you will be either warned, replaced, or modkilled, depending on which rule it is and the severity.
  • The game will follow the usual day-night sequence of all Mafia games, with lynchings taking place during the day.
  • Any player that doesn't vote for three days in a row will be removed from the game.
  • Dead players do not speak. Giving away any information after death will not be tolerated.
  • Roles and numbers of each side will not be revealed.
  • No post editing.
  • Be bold with voting. A vote that isn't in bold won't be counted.
  • Lynches require a majority of votes. Once a player has reached the majority, his/her pleas are useless and any attempts to unvote will be ignored. You may also vote for no lynch.
  • Again, NO EDITING YOUR POSTS. Edit and die. No second chances.
  • Do not post often during the night. A little small talk is allowed to keep the thread bumped, but keep night posting to a minimum. Do not reveal any important game information.
  • No communication with other players outside this thread unless I say it is permitted.
  • Once your death scene has been posted, stop posting. You can make a farewell post or two, but no discussion of the game.
  • Do not quote anything I say outside of the thread. This includes your role emails when you are claiming. Paraphrase please.
  • This game will begin at day. There will be no actions on night 0. Game will start on Day 1.
  • Day will end when either one player has the majority of votes or if thread activity is too low.
This is a closed communication game.

Any questions, email me at dinner4me333(at)hotmail(dot)com

Latest News -- DAY 4

Near 3:30 AM a high piercing scream is heard coming from John Cooper (SOTK)'s house. As the townies, arming themselves with whatever possible, rush to his house they find the door borken down and the house a mess. The house seems to be empty and as they go through John's personel stuff they find he is a sane pro-town cop. As the group make it into the kitchen they notice the oven on, when they open the door they find the charcoal shell of John Cooper. Writtin on the side of the oven wall in charcoal are the letters VS.

John Cooper (SOTK) is dead.

Marcus has been replaced by Andalus.

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