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Today marks my revisiting of a favourite place I have been neglecting far too often. In the dusty halls of Exilians' once lively Senet House much has fallen out of use, but I hope to keep some activity coursing through the place again.

I present in this post a master-list of sorts of my many many ambitions in homebrewing and authoring RPGs of my own making and writing, and supplements to those classics we all know and love.

Due to the extensive nature of this listing, please ask below if you have any questions about a specific title - remember! interest draws emphasis! I'll bump stuff up the priority list if you have a gap in your RPG roster that you seek to fill with just that thing!

Without further ado:
Title || Brief Description ||Status

<1> Flatline 2030//A rules-lite tactical shooter cyberpunk RPG set in its' own timeline - inspired by Deus Ex and NeoTokyo and featuring a 2d4 rules system!// In Current Production!

<2> Might Of Mourn//An Ogre Kingdoms expansion to the WFRP 1e core rules! - features rules and careers for Ogres and Gnoblars as PCs for the very first time, and some artwork and campaign ideas by yours truly! // Completed! Listed on my Ko-Fi shop as a free gift to my OG supporter!

<3> Heirs Of Ulthuan//A WFRP 1st Edition Elven Compendium featuring the three kinds of elfs found in the Old World, featuring unique careers, rules, equipment and campaigns - a tome of three volumes, each featuring content centred around High Elves, Wood Elves and Dark Elves respectively// In Concept Stages

<4> BloodBath: A Prophecy Of Woe// A dark and heroic sword and sandals rip-and-tear RPG where you wake up in an alien land filled with monsters of myth and lore; all you know is the strength of your arm and the bite of your axe - and you seek to kill everything in your path// In Concept Stages

<5> Gunwales: A Skyward Skirmish// A Skirmish Battle Game/RPG hybrid where you battle for supremacy over the endless sky and the floating islands that dwell within// In Concept Stages

<6> Tides Of The Old World; Perilous Adventures At Sea// As seen in my other reference post, a developing project to add ships, fleets, pirates, admirals and ways for you to play with and as most of those things in the Old World! // In Production, suffering delays

<7> Ogres Of The Old World// A careers expansion for Ogres in 2nd edition WFRP, featuring new career options for less 'imperial' ogres and a new arsenal they can use!//Completed, listed on Ko-Fi

<8> Krag: Dig Deep// A subterranean low fantasy survival game taking place in the collapsed ruins of a once great empire//In the concept stages

<9> Underway: Road In The Darkness// A WFRP 1e expansion featuring the creatures fair and foul of the Underway - the great dwarf roads that span the known world// In concept stages

<10> Lost Cities Of Lustria// A WFRP 1e expansion featuring an exploration of lizardmen and campaigns set in the lustrian environment - inspired by a very poorly balanced lustrian expansion i had to suffer through as a GM when adapting a kroxigor into my campaign// In concept stages

Mods, Maps & Game Add-Ons - The Bazaar / SE:V - Renaissance Nova
« on: September 26, 2020, 08:45:36 AM »
Hello all, just thought I'd unpack a mod I've only just begun working on; it's an exercise in working with video game files and configurations, and also a creative exercise in making my idea a reality

so what is Renaissance Nova?
It's simply my attempt at an original setting, a space opera inspired by the age of exploration and renaissance; the most concise way to describe it's primary inspiration is aesthetically a lot of the war-hammer 30k period and Sins Of A Solar Empires' first contact premise. Where-as most science fiction is either set at the height of technology or during the height of space exploration and presenting the earthlings as being the best at some sort of thing relative to their own progress and adapting to a role of power.

In Renaissance Nova the premise is focused more around the very inception of the technology - not just for humanity but illustrating the period where different civilizations and species take their first successful steps towards becoming an interstellar body.

Technology in Renaissance Nova is going to be an attempt at merging 14th century exploration themes with fairly rudimentary technology, with different civilizations representing not pseudo-historic nations but the adoption of various different philosophies being the emphasis of each one

I can't really make any big promises on how large this scope will grow to become but this is my current vision for it!

Tabletop Design - The Senet House / Warhammer: Tides Of The Old World
« on: September 20, 2020, 01:33:10 AM »
Hello everyone, welcome to a little project I've been moth-balling and unmoth-balling for some time now!
WTOTOW is an expansion to the WFRP 2nd Edition rules for bringing adventure and ability to the high seas!

It's designed with three main goals in mind, firstly to give GMs various material to populate the oceans so they can create seafaring adventures - secondly, to allow players to explore the world that's not easily accessible without long campaigns from the central Old World that you're likely familiar with!
 Thirdly, for players to be able to have adventures where crossing the sea no longer remains as a situation of "You lose this many coins and are at this place now"; Let's face it, losing gold and resources can sometimes feel pretty stinging when you mechanically just teleport to your next location, kind of like a progression toll.

The main inspiration for this project was when I looked at the Old World, the existing supplements, and vast amount of narrative loose ends (such as Karak Zorn, Pig-Barter, and many other similar such locations); A vast amount of the world in WFRP was not simply unwritten, but worse, inaccessible. If someone wanted to write a campaign into the south-lands, or to Ind, Cathay, or the Dragon Isles, it might be do-able with an ambitious home-brew campaign. However it creates a big problem for justifying anyone wanting to go out there in an existing campaign.

So a quick look at the mechanical features that Tides Of The Old World brings to the table and how they are inspired;

Ships and vessels: Tides will feature one or two ships and vessels for each major race, (barring lizardmen if nothing comes to mind) that attempt to bring some of that races general character and nature into the design of their ships. Factions that already have established navies from Man O War and other previous Warhammer games will have those adapted into the system, so expect what's familiar to remain familiar. An example of new additions will be Ogres captaining a trireme style of ship that is dedicated to ramming and boarding actions. Vicious and surprisingly fast it will reflect their nature well!

Crews and captains: Tides will also feature new careers to reflect the seafaring aspect of the Old World, with some being fairly unique to a specific race, and many more being generally accessible by the players. Ships will be crewed by NPCs with these careers and trappings under their belts, and additionally some equipment which will be unique to their role on a ship.

Naval battles: This is perhaps the point I am most proud of and it's hard for me to hide that! There will feature the ability to engage in naval conflict with cannons, rams, wizards, and all sorts of fair and foul elements at play! Players will be able to experience the thundering hot-blooded seaborne skirmishes that make heroes into legends! Featuring profiles for deck-side artillery and the ability to board and savage an enemy ship at quarters; This will be a key-part of the expansion and will also feature sea-monsters after the main project is completed.

Fleets & Flotillas: Another element of the expansion will be allowing players to employ NPCs to set sail under the same flag - while this won't be restricted in scope, there will obviously be some problems if you employ chaos marauders and empire wolf-ships to sail together. There will also be the option for each player to captain a ship of their own mechanically (although whether or not you want to give them so much agency will be up to the GM), allowing players to buy, outfit, arm, crew and sail a small armada of ships. Ships that aren't available directly due to race or current player location could easily be supplied through an intermediary NPC so don't stress too much about that.

NPCs and economics: As well as the rest, you'll have the ability to encounter NPC representatives in ports all over the Old World; while large trading companies and naval fleets won't be able to be found in smaller ports and village jetties players might be able to purchase small craft or commission them, but of course this will be impacted by the wealth of the region and quality of the work. I may also add in leisure activities such as using ships to go fishing and the ability to sell those at various vendors, but the main focus is having people on-shore to provide services to your ships such as maintenance and resupplying.

 Generally speaking, I felt it would be easier to break this down into key sections - the core rules document explaining how to make artillery tests, the rules of engagement, and much of the rules and pieces that are applied through-out the expansion as a whole; in addition to this are Seafarer Supplements, which include a faction focused breakdown of all the ships, their crew, their armament and their narrative presence on the tides of the old world, as well as any legendary characters attributed to that faction.

Here are the rules!

General Chatter - The Boozer / Talk Like A Pirate Day
« on: September 19, 2020, 12:11:05 AM »
Yo-Ho me hearties! Today be speak-like-a-pirate day!
Post yer favourite swashbucklin' trivia below!

My favourite trivia is that there used to be a practice of dropping a lead weight over the side with a rope to measure the depth of the water, and it was basically what ship-hands did when they wanted to look busy but not work very hard! A time honored tradition!

A short story in the warhammer setting, featuring the Akropolis Knights: feel free to provide feedback or field questions down below! Thanks for reading!

Remembering Akropolis

Diogenes dipped his eyes towards the floor, the brother chaplains' sermons resonated through his voice as his eyes wandered. A space marine, being a pinnacle of scientific sculpting and rigorous training, has a mind as marvelous as the many other implants gifted to them; however this does not stop ones thoughts from wandering. This was why, yet again, the ecclesiarchs' scowl could be felt burning its' way into his back. The silence, while not abrupt was still startling and as loud as ever.

 "Diogenes. Do you know about the fall of Akropolis?" came the accusing tone of his chaplain.
 "I do." He responded meekly. He was as familiar with the story as he was with his chaplains brutish strength and would not provoke his discipline.
 "Then, you do know WHY we remember?" Midas asked.

Diogenes lowered his vision further. Their chapter, while bearing many ill fortunes, possess a memory like a great tome. To merely forget is unknown to them. Midas paced to the lectern at the front of the room again and turned to address the few who were kneeling before him, Diogenes among them.
 "We remember Akropolis, because chaos does not slumber. We remember because the Emperor does not forgive surrendering to our humanity. We remember because it was our world, the Emperors world, and in our pride we tempted the ruinous powers to take it from us. That is a lesson we can not afford to forget, brothers."
 Midas heaved a deep sigh and cast his golden eyes around the room before speaking again in a softer tone. "Go about your duties brothers. Reflect on what you have remembered today."

General Chatter - The Boozer / Legacy Of Dorn: Herald Of Oblivion
« on: September 11, 2020, 12:40:33 PM »
Hello citizens! I've recently found a game in my steam collection is no longer available to purchase, but is still playable; It's a W40k digital novel by Tinman Games, Legacy Of Dorn: Herald Of Oblivion - It's a spacehulk game that mixes retro style arcade combat, albeit in turnbased form, with a choose-your-own adventure reading style

You play as the Amperial Fist Brother Nabor, accompanying the Terminator Squad Scipio as their newest member on a mission into the spacehulk Herald Of Oblivion!

If you have any Qs & As you are interested in fielding please ask away below; let me know if you're interested in me transcribing the story experience

The Welcome Hall - Start Here! / Ahoy beardlings
« on: September 07, 2020, 12:50:12 PM »
It's been a while but I've returned (I think my last stuff was in 2016?)

I'm the user formerly known as BearKnight!

I'll be trying to hang around a lot more frequently than I used to, so I apologize in advance...

To make up for it however I'll be trying to stitch together some ideas which i've refined and reinvented since my previous visits! Some (perhaps very very few) of you may remember Deeper & Darker, which I've passively been reinventing; my other projects include Tides Of The Old World (a naval expansion for wfrp 2e) and Gunwales; The Skyward Skirmish (a current thing i'm trying to package into a more consolidated concept)

Bear with me for now, I humbly grace you with my quiet presence

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