Author Topic: 2D animator and Unity Programmer needed for Steam Greenlight game [PROFITSHARE]  (Read 4765 times)


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Hello everyone

I'm representing a small indie games studio from the UK called Royal Jester Studios, who are currently looking for a 2D animator and a Programmer, with knowledge on Unity to join us & help finish our 1st demo & game.

It's a fantasy action game called Llamaknight & we intend to put the demo and an early access game on steam before the end of this year.


Animator - Our Artists are currently hard at work designing the key frames for the animation, your task would be to collaborate with them, helping us refine the animation frames before taking it all into software to animate it all and send it to the programmer.

Programmer - You would be taking over from where our former programmer left off, working initially on a demo to be released before turning your attention towards the main game.


The team is already hard at work on the game and constant feedback and communication is necessary, preferably we'd like someone from the UK to be part of the team, but if you're abroad and still have an interest to work with us, then we'll consider it (naturally if that becomes the case there will have to be regular emails, skype calls etc)

This game is our 1st for this team, so we're not expecting much in terms of sales and revenue, but the team is willing to share any sales that we make.

If you are interested in joining us, feel free to email me at

Don't want to join but still curious to see how the game pans out? here's link to our social networks for the studio


Thanks for reading & hope to hear off you soon

Benjamin Ford
Design & head of business management
Royal Jester Studios
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