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Minted - the game of Byzantine coins
« on: March 31, 2018, 06:54:03 PM »
The Game of Byzantine Coins

I made this a while ago for a friend, and decided I should finally get round to releasing a copy in case people want to play.

About the Game
You are master of the mints for a great potentate in a divided world. You must compete against the mint-masters of rival polities to ensure that your currency is the most widely circulated, the most beautiful, the purest, the hardest to counterfeit that it can possibly be. The decisions you make and the events you face will determine the fate of your mint – and perhaps of much more in the world besides...

In Minted, you basically have three metrics for how well your mint is doing. Iconography (how showy your coins are), Protection (how hard your coins are to counterfeit), and metal content (how close is the coin to being pure silver/gold/etc. The cards in the game represent a series of events that can change these: each turn, you will get to find out what the next event for you is, and implement it which will affect how well you can make your coins, how many you can make, and so on. Some cards will have positive effects, some negative. The key mechanic in the game is that the next seven cards being played, including the one you're about to pick up, are face down on the table. You can either swap two of them, or look at three of them, and then have a chance to "lock" one by spending a coin, before you make your turn. How well you remember what's coming up, what needs swapping, and how well you can mess up other players by locking a bad card in place for them, can be key to your ability to win!

Game Contents:
54 cards (PDF file of 27, needs printing twice)
4 player mats
Coin tokens
Mat Counters

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