Author Topic: Fringe Planet - a survival simulator game inspired by Dwarf Fortress & Rimworld  (Read 15953 times)


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Best of luck with the camaign!

I shall certainly be backing & sharing. Fingers crossed for ya

Although the link wasn't there in the announcement post for some reason?
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You mean the Exilian announcement? The logo is the link...
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So, alas, the Kickstarter failed - but a learnt a lot about not only the Kickstarter platform - but also about the Fringe Planet audience as well, which was incredibly worthwhile. The support I received during the Kickstarter was fantastic, and though it failed to achieve it's goals, it did get word of the game out. Which is pretty amazing :-) Progress on the game is ticking along nicely, currently focused on getting a web shop running in order to generate a wee bit of income.

In other news, Fringe Planet now has a Discord - would be awesome to see you there :-)