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Girls of Montenegro (essay)
« on: June 27, 2022, 06:16:28 PM »
Montenegrin girls: how they are remembered for me

Lately, I've been feeling kind of sad. Sad because of the almost lack of warm female smiles. There is a lack of vivid sensations, a kind of emotional storm, love thoughts, sensual experiences. The last time I experienced this was when I was in a distant country called Montenegro. It just so happened that in my homeland I was not at all lucky in love relationships. I often came across girls who seemed to me "different", unlike me. They liked stormy matches, aggressive dances and a certain brutality, which always puzzled me. Simply put, I had some strange imbalance with them. They represented their universe, and I represented mine. So I definitely won’t be able to talk about my first school love. In high school, I was just a regular guy who hung out with his best friend next door and thought inwardly that "everything will come with time."

But the most stormy impressions I had came later. I graduated from school in the 11th year, and then fate sent me to distant Montenegro. I went there not to rest at all, but, one might say, to work, to help my closest relative. It was in Montenegro that I met many interesting people. But the most interesting of them were local representatives for me. Montenegrin girls struck me to the core. What is called, "smitten on the spot." Therefore, if you are ever going to Montenegro, know that there you can literally lose your temper. And here the main task is not to lose yourself. And it’s worth saying that I didn’t count on anything. Yes, of course, this principle works. If you build 130 plans and paint everything point by point - 60% chance of failure. And I just went with the flow.

Montenegrin girls seem to be aggressive and even cold. But as soon as you enter into a conversation with them, you will immediately feel your mistake. On the contrary, they have such a wide soul that you can lose consciousness from its breadth. They are tall, graceful, incredibly beautiful. If someone asked if there were inconspicuous girls there, I would answer that I had never met one in all my years of travel. Montenegrin girls know how to listen, and most importantly, to hear the interlocutor. They rarely think of themselves. On the contrary, they prefer to do something good for others, and only then take care of something of their own. In a conversation with them, you can find a common language with any person. But the most important thing is not to cross the line and not to discuss all sorts of vulgarities that the “especially gifted” sin so much. None of the locals can stand obscenities and dirty jokes, no one can stand aggression and brutality. The main thing here is your soul.

Falling in love with a Montenegrin girl is easy. As I already mentioned, they seem cold only in appearance. They are very hot inside. In terms of communication, they are incredibly open. You can talk with them on any topic - from beautiful landscapes to the political situation in Serbia. They never say they don't like something. Never be rude if you annoy them. If the topic is inappropriate, they make it clear with their eyes. And you yourself understand that you need to stop. If they trust very much, they can share their problems, ask for advice. In their house - you are always a welcome guest. And if a guest, you immediately get acquainted with many members of their families. You become a friend to their father and brother, a good conversationalist for their mother. You will be fed and watered, and if necessary - then the loss of strength.

If you have problems, and if they trust you, they will help you right away. They won't tell you to stop shipping them or you're sick of something. If you feel bad, they feel bad too. They know how to empathize and empathize with others. They know how to feel the other person. And this, perhaps, is the main positive factor. If a person can feel, then this is a person. Yes, this is a man with a capital letter. If you need help, they will help, and they will do it from the bottom of their hearts. Money is the last thing they care about. I have never seen those representatives of Montenegro for whom this would come first. They know how to make friends, they know how to love, they know how to understand. And what could be better than this? I think everyone already knows the answer to this question. That's what got me into them. The ability to feel and understand another person. The ability to appreciate a person, whatever he may be.

Of course, local girls are not 100% perfect, like each of us, the inhabitants of the Earth. They have such a feature - to postpone many things for tomorrow. But the fact is that the word "tomorrow" for them, as a rule, does not have a precise definition. Tomorrow or "sutra" can really be tomorrow, or maybe in a week. “When will we go to Zabljak?” - I ask a question. "Sutra," she replies with a smile. And in the end, we go only after 5 days, and then instead of noon, in the evening. And do not forget that Montenegrins are very fond of relaxing and doing nothing, devoting time to “thinking about the high”. You can remember their main saying: "We need to rest more during the day." And why? Yes, to sleep better at night. It's the same with girls. But this is perhaps the only one of their minuses. Lateness and the eternal word "sutra".

Whats else? I think, thats all.

About my trip to Montenegro in future - planning to do it.
For me this country is like a third motherland. And i promise, that i will visit it in this my life.
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