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Pleased to announce that the Innkeep steam page is now up.  :bard:
Give us a wishlist and help me to appease the fearsome Steam algorithm.  :-)
Also, if you are on twitter, I'd much appreciate likes / retweets of the announcement.

TBO I don't feel my project looks so good in video-trailers either. At least, not when viewed on a phone like the typical twitter viewer is.
I know what you mean about the juggling! Making games is so very time consuming. Juggling that with a thesis is something I tried, and I opted to put aside the thesis in the end. ><

It feels like good motivation for getting work done!
For the last one six months back I did end up with a publisher contacting me as well, which was nice.
It's also pretty stressful though. I've been wrangling with rendering issues preventing me from having a proper embedded video. Went with GIF instead, but then that looks blurry... It's disappointing to have technical issues hold you back. But I guess its a learning experience too. As long as you don't take it too seriously its prob v. good exposure.

New trailer is out today for #PitchYaGame. ;-) (likes and retweets appreciated!)

Sure. Here's the last one I made, for #PitchYaGame. I was rushing to meet the deadline, and it ended up with an unfortunate spelling mistake in it though. ;-)
I'll be working on releasing a new one in about a month, as I start setting up a steam page.

Lo all. Work continues on the game as always. The webpage has also had a refresh! Looking forward to sharing some more cool stuff over the rest of 2022.

Announcements! The Town Crier! / Re: Exilian is Fourteen!
« on: March 19, 2022, 04:19:28 AM »
That's amazing Jubal!
Happy birthday to Exilian!

Hi all! Here's my next One Minute Dev Diary, all about my use of perspective in the game.

Thanks! ;-) I'll try to keep them coming.

Hi again all!

Today I'm releasing the first of a new series of 'one minute dev diaries.' The idea is quick little videos that each focus on a single feature / element of the game that I'm working on.

Lo all!

Work continues on Innkeep. Recently I was fortunate enough to be invited to submit a trailer for Realms Deep 2021.
It was just screened yesterday, so I thought I'd share a link. Gives some sense of where the game is at now.

Oh thanks!
Yes, I have played a bit of Graveyard keeper too. Nice graphics on that one.

Innkeep will be not so much a tycoon style game, although it will have some management aspects. It's a bit hard to describe, but maybe like an RPG meets This World of Mine is closer?

Plugging away! I've been working on the dialogue system and animations for the opening scene. ;-)

Thanks for the feedback!
Yes I agree about the barrenness. It's partially intentional, because it is a kind of empty steppe, but it's also because I'm still finding trees and such quite difficult to draw. ><So rather than get bogged down I was thinking I could populate some of the back layers with a few more details later on.

Re: the dirt. I am wondering if this is partially due to the video, and if it looks more natural in-game. The dirt is very dark but usually covered by all the grasses. If I get this feedback consistently I guess I will need to consider making some changes.

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