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Yay! Looks nice. Plus works nicely on a phone now. Don't have to keep zooming in and moving the viewport 😃
Thanks! Yea let me know I can share the current client page for you to have a look at.

Decided to change the map to use an image because the previous method of using table borders was a little limiting because you could not do any diagonals or circular rooms. I might try and support both flavours for those that are not able to create battle map images maybe.... not sure.

Need to do a little more work to accommodate multiple users in terms of using the admin and having your own maps, pages & logs and things. Basically I need to add a login page!
When I do that I'll probably create a couple of campaign templates - so you can get some assets from the outset. In particular the one I'm doing now: A common starter mini-campaign for mothership called another bug hunt... Since I've basically already created most of the things someone would want for it!
The session went very well and the "wrist data pad" prop seemed to work nicely to telegraph info. The only issue I had was that I was running it at a local gaming store and I couldn't get the wifi to work, which was an issue because an internet connection is kind of crucial!
I ended up having to run the admin part on my phone and hotspot the tablet which created an interesting challenge. Luckily the admin page worked just about ok on a phone and my connection held up fine.

Quote from: Jubal on June 22, 2024, 08:25:22 PM
might it run on phones as well as tablets?

Yes! It now will run on most devices. I implemented this based on your suggestion, which meant after the game I could share the page link so people can go in and read info pages or the logs etc outside of the actual session if they want.
A requirement of the work was that the interface supports multiple clients - since you may have people checking a log or something on their phone during a session. So people can now be on their phones, as well as a central screen & the admin broadcasts to everything. Would probably work for remote players too! Although I feel like you might be better off with roll20 or similar at that point!