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Arts, Crafts, Music & Drama - The Artisans' Guilds / Tusky drew a thing
« on: October 31, 2019, 03:41:25 PM »
I was messing around with krita and drew a thing! I know it's not especially amazing but I'm quite pleased with how it turned out anyway.

I made it for a d&d character I've played a couple of sessions with. I also wrote a backstory for him I'm rather pleased with too. Here it is, if you are interested :)

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

The Boozer / Video of a dive trip in Cyprus
« on: October 23, 2019, 12:07:22 PM »
Here's a little video I edited together of a diving trip to cape grecko in Cyprus during my divemater training internship

The Boozer / 10 Top Tips for Certain Employment at NASA
« on: March 15, 2019, 02:50:46 PM »
Here's an old blog post I wrote that I thought I should share here.

I recently was given the opportunity to apply to be an astronaut at NASA. That is – on a whim I found where to submit an application to be an astronaut and sent them my cv (or resume).

As such I would say I am pretty much an expert at it now, and thought I should share my wealth of space knowledge with all you budding astropeople.

10 top tips:

  • Where your interests are listed, put ’space’ and ‘being an astronaut’
  • You must be in the peak of physical fitness to float about in space ships - so it may be useful to impress the reader with one of your feats of physical prowess. Under my achievements I put that I am able to jump a staggering 21 times before needing a shower.
  • Underline your name at the top. Your name will then stick in their memories when they are choosing who they will get in to run their space stuff.
  • Your space employers can be very fussy about who they choose – so be sure to sound very clever by using long words such as satanistic, garrotted or diarrhoea
  • You may be required to work with others. Show your space popularity by listing how many friends you have. Personally I put both of their names in case they wanted to check.
  • Annotate with space ships, stars, robots, aliens and other futuristic imagery. You will show yourself to have a good familiarity of all the things you will be dealing with on a day to day basis
  • Many people would advise the use of a word processor and spell check or proof reading for an important document like this. Not true. At NASA a character trait that is prized is assertiveness, and decisiveness. Therefore feel free to write in whatever medium you think best: computer, handwritten or annotated painting. So long as you seem sure of your decision you will be on your way to Caprica in no time!
  • Write that NASA is awesome in very tiny lettering throughout. This is a well known and effective subliminal messaging technique which is sure to create a positive impression
  • You must include a picture of yourself. I chose to prove my dedication by superimposing my own face onto that of an astronaut using futuristic image editing methods which are probably beyond most of your capabilities, so I recommend simply using a passport photo.
  • It is necessary to mention that you will be comfortable defecating in your space suit as most people don't realise that you are allowed to (actually it is the main reason for my initial application)
I include a scanned photo of my monitor with my cv on it so you can get an idea of how to lay out your document. I would wish you luck but follow these tips and you certainly won't need it!

See you in space.

There's a really interesting video and article about pangolins on the beeb today:

Not sure this article really belonged in "nature yays" given that it talks a lot about the trafficking that the animals suffer...
Anyway well worth a look - I'm sure this mustn't have passed by Jubs!!!

 :pangolin: :pangolin: :pangolin:

Tabletop Games - The Game Room / Kingdom death: Monster
« on: August 28, 2018, 11:17:06 AM »
Following on from my post about gloomhaven I thought I would post about another boardgame we gave a go recently. The (I think) rather atrociously named "Kingdom death: monster"

It's a horror themed miniatures boardgame for 2 to 4 players. It's a persistent world, where you play a settlement of survivors who wake up in some unknown hellish limbo. The game has a settlement phase where you build and equip your settlers, and then a hunt phase where you track and then battle a horrific monster to gather resources and food.

It can be very bleak and savage. Your people will snuff it almost constantly and will usually go insane (much like darkest dungeon or mansions of madness) although insanity in this game can actually be actually a good thing because it's a stat that protects you from brain damage.

The good

  • The artwork for the game on the cards and in the books is varied and really gorgeous
  • It comes with masses of miniatures both for the monsters you encounter, and also the survivors. You get loads of variations for the survivors so you can always have a survivor model that has the equipment appropriate to them
  • Whilst there are similar games (as I mention it is easy to draw comparisons to games like darkest dungeon) I still think it's a novel idea since it really pushes the angle of hellish oblivion - and role playing the attempt to build a settlement in such a place

The bad

  • The rules are sometimes not particularly clear about some details or ambiguities which means a few trips to the internet to get a concensus on what to do
  • On our first playthrough our band of survivors got immediately decimated within about 3 hunts due mostly to unfortunate random card draws during the settlement phase. It really put me off at first (although our subsequent and current playthrough is going much better) so I feel like there should be something to prevent certain events happening straight away

Here's a blurry pic I took of the settlement plase (you can see some of the nice artwork in the rulebook - bottom left, which also shows you a little about the feel of the game)


It might sound quite depressing and harrowing, but it's a lot of fun. It becomes more about the survival of your community, and forces you (usually) to not become attached to a character too much because there is a lot in the game that will just kill them without warning. When horrors are the norm, it becomes quite entertaining to see what absurdly horrible thing these people get to encounter next, and when you do well - when there is so much that can go badly - it's an amazing feeling

General Gaming - The Arcade / Chris Livingston
« on: August 15, 2018, 08:52:39 AM »
Has anyone read concerned: The half life and death of Gordon Frohman?

It's a webcomic written back in 2005 by Chris Livingston (a games journalist who now writes for Rock, Paper, Shotgun and PC Gamer). If you haven't it's actually hilarious - it is a spoof of Half Life 2, and follows the misadventures of a character that moves through the HL2 world just ahead of Gordon Freeman. If you haven't played the game the comic is still very funny.

Here's one of my favourite strips

You can read the whole thing here

The Boozer / Thomas the tank engine succumbed to the forces of chaos.
« on: July 14, 2018, 10:27:12 AM »

Taking the name ‘Thomas the Daemon Engine”, the newly corrupted machine will run a service between the town of Tidmouth and the dark city of Commorragh twice a day.

“It could be worse,” passengers told us. “We could have to commute by First Great Western.”


Just wanted to air this in case anyone hadn't seen it

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord - Dev Blog 31/05/18. Recruitment system

I really like the sound of having specific people that you need to approach to gain troops, and that they wont always just be entry level townsfolk.

It sounds like a vast improvement on what - to my mind - were the 2 approaches in warband:

Approach 1: Have killy people.
Step 1: Go to towns
Step 2: Get lots of cannon fodder
Step 3: Ensure my army lineup is mostly cannon fodder
Step 4: Start (and hopefully win) fight
Step 5: Is my army now full of awesome people? y: hooray! n: Go to step 6.
Step 6: Is my army too small? y: Go to step 1. n: Go to step 3

Approach 2: Rescuing / capturing.

Basically the same as above except start with a club, and bash other people with clubs on the head

That log also mentions that all the lords recruit from the same recruitment pools. That should make it more realistic, but a slight concern I have with that is that warband had a lot of battles going on all the time.
It may mean you have to get inventive with where you recruit from. For example if there is a lengthy war going on and all the troop vendors are constantly low because lords are using them all the time maybe you can travel further afield to more peaceable lands where there is more of an abundance of troops.
I wonder if they will leave in the option of doing some sort of pressgang / conscription to corall pezzies into your ranks - like what would have happened historically when the population ran out of the best candidates for soldiery.

Spamfest! / vent
« on: June 02, 2018, 02:16:38 PM »

Build the ultimate medieval tournament - and lead your house to glory

Tourney is a tycoon or "life simulator" game for PC aiming for completion in 2019. In Tourney you will need to build up a medieval tournament or "tourney" ground, attracting peasants, nobility and knights to compete. You will take on the role of one of 13 noble houses, and will be responsible for selecting your champions and making sure that they have all the best equipment and skills.

Gameplay features for Tourney:

* Build areas for jousting, melee and archery. Build feast tables, blacksmiths, stands, stables and decorations
* 13 playable houses with unique heraldry, traits and heroes
* Send knights from your house to compete in the tourney. Build their skills and give them the best gear from your vendors
* Take direct control of your champions in their events to give them the edge
* Keep the peasants and nobility happy so they keep coming back to witness your triumphs.
* Hire jesters, troubadours, falconers, guards and more.

The project has been in development since late 2017 - so there is still plenty to do, and as I finish bits off I'll keep this thread updated!

The Boozer / Musical instrument question
« on: April 12, 2018, 01:05:54 PM »
Does anyone happen to know what the instrument is that forms the main motif in this song?

Also is it the same instrument that they are using at the beginning of this song (about 10 secs in)?

My best guess is either a lute or an oud

Random cool words I've come across and either not heard before, or have heard before and forgotten.

Please feel free to add your own!

Today's word: Petrichor - the earthy smell you get after rain

This isn't (yet) a demostrable product so not sure if this is the best forum to ask this... please move if not

I'm writing a medieval sim style game that involves a number of knights from up to 16 medieval noble houses with heraldry, probably some amount of backstory but I need good ideas for house names. This would be for the house rather than an individual's name (e.g. Lancelot's house I believe was Benwick). This is because the knights can die and so will have randomly generated first names.

I was initially going to go for the pseudo-real angle, with house names like Goodwin / Redmond and that sort of thing. But then I thought it might be good fun to instead have the houses as spoofs of things pop culture or even some exilian references?! My only worry is that there aren't 16 that are well known enough.

Couple of ideas I had:

Bannister, house crest could be a ballistrade (Send up of Lannister)
Birodragon (pendragon)

So does anyone have any house name suggestions, or maybe know of a good resource I can use? What Exilian references might work?

Is my fledgeling idea of having spoof names actually a good one? I suspect that since I am asking this in a forum frequented by medievalists the answer will be a no...

Tabletop Games - The Game Room / Gloomhaven
« on: March 23, 2018, 10:09:29 AM »

I've been playing a great deal of Gloomhaven over the last few months. If you don't know what it is, you can get some details about it here.

My top level summary of it is that it is a tactical combat board game for 1* to 4 players where you have a persistent world, so your all of your actions, especially which scenario to play has a knock on effect to everything else.

Rough list of reasons I think it's great:

  • There are absolutely loads of classes. The game starts with 6 or so available - the rest are all in sealed boxes and must be unlocked. You get given a life goal and once you achieve it you unlock a class, and you must retire your character. This means things keep getting changed up - starting with the obvious fact that you have a new character so abilities, equipment and tactics need to be adapted, which has a knock on effect to the whole party make up and tactics
  • Similar to the above there are loads of other various sealed boxes, envelopes, stickers and logs, so there is a continued sense of wanting to discover what the game has to offer
  • The abilities are represented by cards, and to use the abilities you must "spend" 2 every turn, then once spent you get all but one back. This means towards the end of scenarios you are in danger of having used up all of your cards and becoming exhausted. Essentially this makes for a very interesting set of tactical decisions since your cards are your resource
  • The story itself is well written and intriguing - embellished by some lovely card artwork
  • There is a good range of enemies, and the tactics for each room often need to be thought about very carefully

Things I don't like so much

  • We aren't playing this massively frequently meaning sometimes I have forgotten what happened previously in the different  story arcs, so have difficulty making an informed choice about which scenario to choose next
  • Set up takes ages

We have a regular kernel of 2/3 players. One thing I like (that may be particular to our situation) is that there is a free slot that we can frequently fill with a guest adventurer which means we can see how various group make ups can shift the tactics we need to employ.

So has anyone else played this or interested in giving it a go? If so, any favourite classes / items / ability combos?

* There are a number of solo scenarios and I am aware that there are some people that play through these, and do the group ones in a pretend group but I personally would find that much less fun

Greetings Exilians!

I'm looking for a recommendation for a fantasy book / series to move on to. I just finished the night angel trilogy by brent weeks and really liked those. Also really liked his dark materials, and the mighty song of ice and fire etc

Anyone reading anything juicy at the moment - or maybe recently completed a great book?

I'm hoping to remedy my so-seldom-its-nearly-nonexistant post schedule - so thanks in advance  ;D

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