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I figured that Mark was the guy in the red coat... it wasn't clear to me that his wife was blind. You could definitely do some more things to flag that up with her surroundings, like how her house would be different considering her blindness (having a braille book on the table would be a more obvious but not too obvious tell, or something like that).

The key pressing is intuitive, but I guess I feel I'm lacking ways to practice it in the game? I feel like it'd be good if there was a place where you could get key sequences to press for practice/training where there wasn't a failure penalty, so you have some way to get better at it as a player... it's maybe not so much a tutorial I feel I need as a practice location, because I'd rather (as a player) train myself to play and then use those skills in the boss fights, than end up training by rerunning boss fights repeatedly, with all the dialogue etc repeating every time, which is what I ended up doing.

Basically all the spelling/grammar stuff is in the spoiler tag I found is in my above post (click the word "spoiler" to show it, if you didn't already), but I'll let you know if I find any more.

I'll try and write some general thoughts soon, just off to bed now :)

24. Shields Meet

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Admin hat on: consider editing additions into previous posts rather than multiple posting. Multiple posting is fine if a time has elapsed/you're reporting an update on something, but if you're e.g. just having another thought on the same day as a previous post, edit it in and use a horizontal rule tag to separate the sections if that's needed. This means we get more variety of responses/discussion per page, which helps any other readers who want to catch up.

And yes, the Thursday election thing at least apocryphally dates back to when people got paid on Fridays, so Thursday was when fewest people would be in the pub: there's no good reason for it now.

An interesting quirk in Austria is that as elections are indeed always Sundays, the general election voting intention question in a poll is known here as the Sonntagsfrage - the "Sunday Question". Might be the case in Germany as well, not sure.

The Beer Cellar - Forum Games! / Re: Change a Letter III
« on: October 20, 2019, 01:07:57 PM »
Try serving things on a slate instead?

The Beer Cellar - Forum Games! / Re: Word Association
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The Beer Cellar - Forum Games! / Re: Word Association
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The Beer Cellar - Forum Games! / Re: Change a Letter III
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We're going to end up in a bad place one way or t'other.

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NO >:(

My win. Mine.

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Sorry for taking so long on this!

Here's all the specific feedback from a full run, I can give more general thoughts tomorrow when I've slept on it.

  • Submit, Obey, Tax doesn't make sense because "to tax" means "to extract tax from someone", not "to pay tax". Maybe tweak this motto?
  • Day 1, it seems odd having two houses both of which have "lost husband" backstories? From a story perspective I think you could change one of them a bit. It also feels weird that Arridaios doesn't react to the fact that these two people, both of whom live in the same block as him, also both mistake him for their husbands? Dunno, that just felt off a bit. I don't see why Mark's wife needs to mistake Arriados for Mark for that bit of plot to work
  • Are we supposed to assume that the Emilia Anthony is writing to is the same as the one the woman in the next house is ranting about? They seem to be different characters but it's a little confusing that you get introduced to them both.
  • You really need some sort of tutorial for the steal/advantage mechanic before asking the player to use it for real.
  • On day 2, you can loot one of the dead miners infinite times for red potions.
  • Not sure why the fate thing only appears on day 2? It feels weird that we're getting tutorial-like stuff after quite a long while of gameplay rather than on the first day.
  • I had a bug in the first fight where you get the bonus powers (vs Richard) where it kept showing different key sequences even after I burned him and I couldn't get an option to leave. Was fine the second time.
  • The arrow-code on the last fight seemed way too fast, to the point where I often wasn't getting through half the code in time - I think it'd be better if you got a half second of looking at them before the timer starts? It's very reaction time driven at the moment which seems odd given the rest of the RPG is pretty slow paced so there's not much adrenaline in the player's system to help with that. Maybe some better marking would be a different way of helping (more colour/difference between the key markers). The current system needs to be done heavily on muscle memory, but also you don't get much practice with the longer sequences until you need to use them in a proper battle.
  • The light by which you leave A. in the last scene of the Alpha doesn't really feel like it's on properly, it would be better if it actually glowed yellow or something to show when you fixed the generator.
  • At one point I tried to reload my last save before the lurker, and got a failed to load : img/parallaxes/shadow60_4.png error. This was after I'd just completed the fight and was trying to have another go. Quitting the game and reloading solved the problem.

And then there's spelling and grammar. Some of these errors are made more times than I noted down, but hopefully there's a find/replace system you can use?

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

The Beer Cellar - Forum Games! / Re: Last Post
« on: October 19, 2019, 07:36:47 PM »

And now it's my 1.

I win.

The Beer Cellar - Forum Games! / Re: Change a Letter III
« on: October 19, 2019, 07:36:13 PM »
I could tell you how it was brought to its current, human friendly state, but 'twould be a long, long tale.

(Also, given the subject was and has been for over a page taps, I'm not sure how the category of taps includes "a tome about history...")

The Beer Cellar - Forum Games! / Re: King of the Hill
« on: October 19, 2019, 07:33:59 PM »
Now deprived of your badger ally, his fee having been paid, your hill is defenceless and my unexpected but actually wholly predictable army of friendly Georgians comes and takes over, primarily by gently socially pressuring you to try more and more varieties of wine until you are unable to defend the hill.

My hill.

The Beer Cellar - Forum Games! / Re: Word Association
« on: October 19, 2019, 07:31:16 PM »

The Boozer / Cute and Wholesome Picture Thread
« on: October 18, 2019, 10:35:28 PM »
I think we used to have one of these but it's buried in the dim and distant past, so here's a new one. Post nice and cute and sweet and good things  :)

Firstly, a few more Frankfurt photos I found whilst editing the piece I just posted:

And a couple of things I thought were cute from The Webs:

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